Structured Cable

Let's face it, we live in the Bay Area. This is a must! Structured Cable or Smart Wiring is a method of wiring a commercial or residential structure for low voltage utility services. The method is very similar to the concept behind the wiring in your home for your high voltage electrical utility service. With a high voltage application one line of power service is brought into the main breaker panel in the home and then from that panel home-runs are made to all the locations in the house to distribute power where it will be needed (light fixtures, wall outlets, etc.). Likewise, we are in the business of taking that one signal that is provided to you by your Telephone, Cable, Satellite, or Internet Service Providers and bringing it into our centralized panel. From there, we make home-runs to every place in your home or place of business that you would want to have provided with Phone, Cable, Satellite, and Internet service.

A centralized panel in your place of business or your home allows you to take that rat’s nest that you have sitting under that one desk where all the cables, modems, routers, and power blocks meet up and relocate it to a recessed panel in a wall where it will be transformed into an organized system. This new system will allow as many locations as you like to have hardwired gigabit internet access via CAT6 while also allowing you to network a series of computers to each other for sharing of files.

Most people that we consult with don’t realize that there is a better way of internet life out there. They just take the one line they are given from their ISP modem and send it into a cheap wireless router and resolve to live with the spotty connection, browser window freeze ups, and lack of quality speed by having everyone connect to the internet wirelessly. Even in today’s wireless revolution there is still nothing wireless that offers you the speed, security and identity protection of actual copper in your walls transmitting your signals. However, we also pride ourselves in being able to give our clients the best of both worlds by installing hardwired access while also incorporating wireless devices into their network.

Have you had the experience of having a satellite company come out to your house and butcher the outside of it by drilling holes in your walls, dragging cable through your gutters and across your roof and then tacking the cable along the outside of your house? Let’s avoid that by pre-wiring for satellite. We can take direct lines from your satellite location straight into your centralized panel and then distribute the signal from there to as many rooms as you like.

In the not so distant future our current way of enjoying our TV, Movies, and Music is going to be gone. Everything is moving towards being streamed into your home. If you want to watch a movie, go online and download it. If you want to listen to a certain song, go onto your network, find the song burned down to one of the hard drives on one of the computers in your network, and listen to it or go online and grab it. If you want to prepare your business or your home for the 21st Century Structured Cable is a must!

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