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One Stop Shop for ALL your Low Voltage Needs!

Whether it's as simple as running a little CAT6 from Point A to Point B to network some computers or as sophisticated as setting up an entire Home Automation System that will simultaneously control all of your Lighting, HVAC, Security and Media from one simple remote. Whether it’s Commercial or Residential, regardless, across the spectrum, Seraphim has you covered.

Why shop around with a bunch of different sub contractors and create a scheduling and billing nightmare for yourself? Contract with Seraphim and have all your low voltage handled with one crew and deal with only one bill at the end of the project. If there is a service or warranty issue with one of your low voltage systems don’t pull your hair out searching through all your invoices trying to figure out who did what. Just pick up the phone and simply dial 1.888.MY.LOW.VOLT and know that it will be handled.