A security system is an insurance policy. If you lived in a neighborhood with very low vehicle accident rates would you cancel your car insurance? In the same sense, if you lived in a neighborhood with very low crime rates would you do without a security system?

No matter where you live, a quality state of the art security system provides peace of mind and safety because it is there in the off chance that you just might need it some day. A testament to this is the fact that just about every home owner’s insurance carrier today will offer you a discount on your home owner’s insurance if you have a monitored security system.

If there is a fire in your house and you are not at home who is going to call the Fire Department? If you are counting on waiting until a responsible neighbor sees smoke and flames it might be too late. Why not have us hook up some smoke detectors to your security system that will monitor your house 24/7, regardless of who’s home, and dial out to the authorities when you most need it?

Seraphim Services Inc is a FULL SERVICE security system integrator. We design, pre-wire, install, service and monitor all our systems. In any scenario we can provide you with a means to keep you, your family, and your business secure. Whether you have an elderly parent who lives alone and needs a panic button to get help when needed or you just like knowing when you go to sleep that you will be notified if someone breaks into your house, we can help. TVs and jewelry can be replaced but we are in the business of protecting the things you can’t replace. Give us a call today and let one of our security specialists consult with you about the type of system that would best fit your needs.

Products we use: