Reliable. Stable. Able To Cable.

Since it’s inception the low voltage industry has tended to be regarded as the ugly step child of the trades who is always thought of last and never garners much respect. A lot of this disdain has been self-inflicted. Due to the lack of organization for the industry and it’s chronic plague of trunk slammers (rogue contractors who know just enough to be dangerous who are often not licensed and operate their business out of their vehicles with a ladder on the roof and a bunch of cable “slammed” into the trunk) low voltage contractor’s have earned the reputation of being unreliable, unstable and in many cases truly unable to cable. There are countless stories over the years of some guy who showed up for a consultation and gave a great price but half way through the project (and the money) stopped answering his phone, couldn’t be found, wouldn’t show up to finish the work, or in many cases had skipped town. At its inception Seraphim Services, Inc set out to be different and to change this reputation. We have received a lot of positive feedback from people about our slogan. They think it’s catchy or they think it’s easy to remember but beneath this cute little slogan lays the essence of our vision and a revelation of our core values. Seraphim Services, Inc has set out to be:


Due to our many years of experience in the industry and extensive backgrounds in project management we are able to guarantee on time and on schedule delivery of our work. An internal company policy dictates that every attempt will be made to answer your call the first time you ring but if for some reason you get to a voicemail a Seraphim representative will return your phone call within one business day at the latest even if we don’t have an answer for you yet. Our dedication to this is demonstrated by our phone number. Although we work a wide rage of territory from Pebble Beach on up to the Peninsula our clients never have to think about what number to call when they need to schedule some work or if something needs to be serviced. The convenience we offer the client is the peace of mind knowing that regardless of where they are in the Bay Area all they have to do is pick up the phone and call 1.888.MY.LOW.VOLT free of any long distance charges and the issue will be scheduled and handled. That’s reliable.


In some ways investing in Low Voltage work is like buying a car. You want to do your research to be sure you are getting the best and most reliable product but you also want to make sure that you are partnering with a company that is stable and will be around for the long run to honor warranties and service your product. The founders of our company are life long California residents. Our president is a fourth generation Bay Area resident and was born and raised in San Jose. Seraphim Services, Inc is here to stay.
In addition, Seraphim prides itself in the fact that because of its innovative billing and purchasing practices, combined with a dedication to maintaining a low overhead, the corporation has remained out of debt and in good financial standing even through the recent trying economic times. What you will NOT find in Seraphim Services is a desperate contractor who just needs this next job to make the rent. What you will find is a well thought out, well established, well run corporation with a focus on customer satisfaction and retention. That’s stable.

Able to Cable:

We ensure that all our employees are licensed, factory trained, and certified to do the work they do. A regular program of trainings and seminars is scheduled for all the employees as well as hands on training out in the field. Seraphim Services has been built upon a business model that ensures that the company does not grow so large so fast that it looses the personal touch and quality control that was birthed into the company by it’s founder.