The beautiful thing about intercom systems is that they combine security and convenience into one neat and inexpensive package. In addition, some of the product lines we provide have started to incorporate video surveillance, digital recording and even whole house audio aspects into the total intercom package.

In a commercial environment, intercoms add a great dimension to security, personnel management, and access to your place of business. If you have been experiencing a lot of theft or vandalism we can help my combining the camera, access control, and remote door release capabilities of today’s intercom systems and incorporating them into your workplace. You can also save time and energy by making use of the paging systems that are available that allow you to call and communicate with personnel throughout your entire campus.

In residential environments we see the marriage of security and convenience at it’s best. Are you tired of yelling at family members across the house when you need to talk to them? Have you ever just wanted to press one button and let everyone in the house including those in the garage and out on the back patio know that it’s time for dinner? Or how about the ability to check who is ringing your doorbell to decided whether or not to answer or remotely let them in by pushing a button? All of these functions and more are currently available through the lines that we carry.

In today’s intercom market it is possible to have a master intercom station that will record who has stopped by your house and rang your doorbell while you were out as well as the ability to leave digital voice messages for family members to hear when they get home if you are going to be out.

Many of our clients choose intercom systems simply for their room monitoring capabilities. If you have young ones or an elderly relative who need to be cared for our systems can allow you to set one of the room stations on “listen” to have it act as a baby monitor in all the other rooms.

The possibilities are endless. Give Seraphim a call at 1.888.MY.LOW.VOLT and let one of our consultants walk you through all the options.

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