Home Automation

When it comes to the field of Home Automation we can truly say that we have reached the upward part of the J-Curve. For so long this field has been viewed as simply an over indulgent luxury in homes and has not been given much thought or primacy. However, in the past couple decades, the recent developments in technology and the emerging energy crisis have proven that even the most basic of residential dwellings can and should incorporate this technology. In fact, it has become so affordable that it doesn’t make sense NOT to.

Home Automation systems (also referred to as “Overlay Systems”), at their core, are intended to be systems that unite the entire house and its attached appliances into one thinking entity that can direct and manage itself while making smart and energy efficient decisions but at the same time bringing you much comfort, pleasure, entertainment, security and ultimately complete control of your house.

How many of you dad’s out there have gone through the whole house at night and yelled at your kids as you are turning off every single light they have left on in every room? Wouldn’t it be nice to tell the house to turn off lights when no one is in the room? You can.

How often have you left home for work and wondered if you closed your garage door or not? Haven’t you wished you could go to a website and see if it was open and if it was close from the office? You can.

How many times have you come back from vacation to a freezing house because you turned off the thermostat? Wouldn’t it be nice to tell the house to warm up to your ideal temperature before you get home and leave the front porch light on? You can.

Seraphim Services specializes in offering systems that will “overlay” all the other systems we offer by uniting your Security system, your Camera system, your Intercom system, your Audio/Video, and your Home Network as well as your HVAC system and lighting to create a house that lives and breathes on your command, on your schedule, at your pace, and in the most energy efficient way.

Products we use: