1. What the heck is a Seraphim anyways?

The word Seraphim is actually the plural form of seraph. Seraphim are angelic beings that in ancient literature were said to have guarded the entrance to Eden. The significance in choosing Seraphim to be the name of the company was prompted by our roots in the security business. It was intended to invoke the concept of guardian angels protecting and looking after your interests.

2. What is monitoring and what does it do for me?

Central Station is a common term used to refer to a company that provides services to monitor burglar, fire and residential alarm systems. The central-station may also provide watchman and supervisory services.

Central-stations use special telephone lines, computers, software and trained staff to monitor their customers' security systems and call the appropriate authorities in the event an alarm signal is received. Typically, there is a fee for services rendered. Because quality and experience can vary greatly among alarm companies, prospective customers are well advised to do their own research before making a final choice. Not all alarm companies monitor the systems they install and may outsource these services to another company.

Some facilities are certified by independent agencies. In the USA Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a leader in inspection and certification of central-stations. UL Standards 827 and 1981 must be adhered to in order to maintain a UL issued Central-Station license. UL conducts annual audits of these licensed facilities to ensure compliance.

"Licensed" companies typically offer higher levels of service and reliability because they are mandated to follow certain regulations.

Central Station software has to meet very special requirements processing and storing very large amounts of data and integration with many different alarm protocols.

Incoming signals are processed by digital alarm receivers; these convert the incoming event packets to serial or TCP packets which are then analyzed by the Central Station software. Event packets can be communicated over any transmission medium: PSTN, GSM, Radio, direct line, Ethernet, GRPS, etc.

3. What is the added benefit to having my security system connected to a monitoring station?

There are many benefits.

Without monitoring you are relying alone on the good nature and responsible actions of your neighbors for your security. If your neighbors do not become curious, investigate and contact the appropriate authorities or simply do not hear your system being triggered you might as well not have a system at all. When your system is monitored it means that there is a state-of-the-art office that is UL Listed with all the latest technology watching over your house 24/7 and waiting for something to happen.

Most homeowner’s insurance carriers will provide you with a discount on your premiums if your system is monitored. In many cases the discount surpasses the cost of the monitoring itself.

All burglar alarms in California are required by law to deactivate and reset after 15 minutes. However, if the door or window that triggered the alarm is still ajar the system will not be able to reset. This now allows the intruder the opportunity to reenter the facility through that compromised opening. When your system is monitored your central station will contact the police to ensure that a patrol officer makes a visit to the premises to inspect and secure it again. This will prevent your property from being further burglarized.

4. If my system is monitored and the alarm is triggered what happens?

Company protocol is as follows:

1. Always call the premises first.

2. Contact the authorities if:

a) No one on the premises answers the phone.

b) No one who answers the phone can provide the operator with a valid password.

3. Do not contact the authorities if a person is contacted and a valid password is provided

4. After calling the premises, call the rest of the contacts on the “List of Responsibles” provide by the home owner at the time of initial registration until someone can be reached and notified of the status of the system.

5. Is monitoring required on your systems?


Seraphim Services operates on a different business model than many other companies. Often you will find “special pricing” offered by one of the “Big Box” stores that will offer to put your system in for very cheap (in many cases below their cost) but there is always a catch. These artificially low bargain prices are always combined with the mandate for you to sign a 3 year binding agreement with an inflated monitoring rate that you will not be able to cancel until you have paid off the full amount of the contract (much like a cell phone agreement). This is how they make their money. When you add up the cost of the monitoring over the life of the contract you realize what the system is actually costing you. So essentially they are in the business of financing alarm systems.

In addition, these same companies will generally install proprietary alarm systems that only they can service. This means that if they do not perform well or you decide that you don’t want to do business with them anymore you are out of luck. You will either have to have another alarm company install an entirely new system or you will have to do without a system all together. This generally leads to very poor performance on their end because they have you over a barrel. They have no pressure to provide you with good customer service because you are guaranteed to pay for three years and if you don’t like their service where are you going to go?

Seraphim Services installs a non-proprietary, state-of-the-art, reliable, and user-friendly alarm system at a fair market competitive cost and does not require the initiation of monitoring. This means that you will have a fully functional alarm system that any licensed alarm technician will be able to service for you when we are all done. We highly recommend that you monitor your security system that we will gladly provide you with at a very competitive rate but we do not twist your arm behind your back and demand it.

6. What forms of payment do you take?

Cash, Check, Visa, Master and Discover.

7. Will you install my A/V Equipment if I bought it somewhere else?


In good faith we will attempt to incorporate customer-supplied equipment into our designed system but we make no express promises or guarantees. When Seraphim Services, Inc is performing an update on an existing system or installing something that a customer provided we can not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, durability, functionality, or quality of the existing system including, but not limited to its, hardware, wiring, interconnect cables, fittings, or components. Any problems that arise out of servicing the system will be discussed with the client and dealt with on a time and materials type basis.

8. Do you warranty your work?


Installation /craftsmanship is covered by Seraphim Services, Inc for one calendar year from date of completion of the work. Products installed by Seraphim Services, Inc are covered exclusively by the manufacturer’s limited warranty. No other implied warranties or guarantees of merchantability exist. Seraphim Services, Inc is not responsible for indirect, consequential or incidental damages relating to installed products.

9. How will I know how to operate all the systems you install in my house?

Upon completion of it’s scope of work Seraphim Services, Inc will provide you with a complementary Orientation Walk Thru that will be performed to provide you with a brief tutorial on your systems. This short tutorial is not intended to remove the need for you to read all your User’s Manuals on all your equipment. In order for you to become completely comfortable with using your systems you will need to invest a little time into reading the manuals and practicing the operation of the systems to learn about it.

10. Does Seraphim provide me with my phone, cable, and Internet services?


It is your responsibility to acquire service from your local phone, cable, satellite, DSL or other high-speed internet provider for your property. Seraphim Services, Inc is not a service provider and cannot assist in any capacity in this field. We do not provide modems for your Internet service.

11. When sending cabling underground will Seraphim provide conduit, boring and underground work?


Seraphim Services, Inc does not provide, and would not include in its bids, any scope of work for trenching, boring, underground conduit, or any sort of underground work. In the event that any of this type of work becomes necessary you would be responsible to hire a contractor capable of providing these services.