We get calls all the time from clients who have just been burglarized and are in need of our services. One of the most common responses we hear from people who have just been violated is the sickening feeling of not knowing who it was. Was it a neighbor or just some strange transient? Was it the black sheep of the family or just some random vandalism? Was it one of your employees?

Let our team of professionals consult with you to take care of this issue. Many times a visible camera system alone can be a great deterrent to crime but if not, at least you will have some evidence that will be admissible in court and the peace of mind of knowing who it was.

Do you travel a lot? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go to a website and check the cameras monitoring your place of business or your home? In addition to being able to record onto a hard drive all that takes place in front of your cameras during the day or in pitch black darkness we can provide you with the ability to monitor your system via the internet.

In today’s society you can’t be too careful about who is watching your children. Wouldn’t it be nice while you are working to be able to go to a website and check in on them via the nanny-cam we have installed for you at your house?

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