Seraphim Services is a FULL SERVICE Audio/Video company. We design, pre-wire, trim, install, and service all forms of A/V equipment. From speakers to amps, from TVs to wall mounts, from interconnects to surge protectors; you name it, we got it.

This is the fun stuff! Whether it’s the setting up of a simple whole house audio system to distribute all your music sources throughout the house and back yard or a simple surround sound system for a pleasant viewing experience or maybe even custom designing a state-of-the-art full blown home theater system, clients tend to get a little excited about it, and rightly so. There is not much else that goes into a place of work or a home that provides the same level of enjoyment, relaxation, and family quality time as good, reliable, A/V equipment.

However, at the same time, this very same industry has been plagued with over complication and mechanization of the process to the point that many people are terrified of the thought of operating audio/video equipment. Seraphim keeps it simple. To all of the people out there who have uttered the phrase “ I just want to watch some TV and listen to some music, is that too much to ask?” we can proudly say, “We’ve heard you!” Our team of professionals will custom tailor your A/V system around your budget AND your level of comfort with technology.

Are you sick and tired of using 5 remote controls to control 1 TV when you want to watch something? How would you like to pick up a single remote and control your TV, VCR, DVD player, DVR, set top boxes, CD Player, iPod, AND your room lights with it? We can do it for you.

If you run a day spa or salon you understand the importance of being able to further soothe your clients’ tattered nerves with distributed relaxing audio throughout your entire facility all sourced off of a single device with the option of being able to add in iPods in different rooms to provide additional sourcing into the main system.


Going Green

When you allow us to team up your Structured Cable with your A/V system amazing things can happen not the least of which is energy savings! By headquartering all you’re A/V equipment in a centralized closet we can not only eliminate the need for big ugly wooden entertainment centers and large libraries of CDs and DVDS that dominate your rooms but we can also reduce your energy consumption by doing away with duplicated electronic components. Through the use of A/V matrixes and large hard drives that we burn your libraries down to we can eliminate the need for additional stereos, DVD players, and duplicated libraries in every room thereby reducing the amount of energy and resources consumed by the house. Check out our page dedicated to Home Automation to learn more about what it possible.

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